Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?
Clayton YES! accepts debit and credit cards through the parent portal. To avoid late fees it is recommended that automatic payment is set up at the time of registration. No money is accepted at center locations. All financial questions/concerns should be directed to the Client Services Department in our corporate office.
Does Clayton YES! provide service during school breaks or in-service days?
Yes. Clayton YES! may not have an open center at your child’s home school, but we will have open centers conveniently located within your school district. Written notice of our open locations will be available at your child’s home center and published on website so that you may register for a location that best fits your family’s needs.
A full weekly fee is charged for weeks with in-service days and some holidays.
Does Clayton YES! provide care when my child’s school releases early?
Yes. Clayton YES! licensed Before and After School program hours of operation are adjusted to accommodate schools when their students are released early. If a center is closed for a school holiday, Clayton YES! provides parents a two-week notice of the closure.
If I pay for a week and my child gets sick, will I get a credit that I can use for something else?
No. During the school year, the regular weekly fee is due regardless of attendance unless a child is/was hospitalized. Please refer to the Clayton YES! Enrollment and Screening Policy which can be found in your Parent Handbook.
During the summer camp program, fees are billed based on attendance. You can contact Client Services in the corporate office to adjust your account.
How do I change my child’s attendance plan or update information in my enrollment record?
It would be beneficial to let the onsite supervisor know of any changes to your attendance plan or enrollment record, however, it is necessary to contact our Client Services Department directly to officially change your child’s attendance plan or any information in our system.
Who do I notify if my child is absent from school?
Notify the Clayton YES! program in writing via email or text message if your child will be absent from the after school program. Please include your child’s first and last names and grade in the message. Voice messages are not considered appropriate notification. It is not necessary to report morning absences.
  • Advance notification assists the Agency in ensuring the safety and supervision of the child/youth.
  • A $10 search fee may be assessed to parents who fail to report their child’s absence.
How do I add a person authorized to pick up my child(ren)?
To authorize a person who is not listed in the enrollment record to pick up their child, the parent must provide the onsite supervisor with written authorization and a copy of the person’s driver license 24 hours in advance. The written authorization must include the person’s:
  • Address;
  • Telephone number; and a
  • Brief description of the person’s physical appearance
How do I set up my PIN#?
To set up your PIN # (check in/out code):
Log in to your account

Click on “My Account”

Click on “Change My Account Information”

** Each person authorized to pick-up a child(ren) will need to have their own PIN# to distinguish who is picking up your child(ren).
I registered my child on Friday, when can he/she start?
48 hours / 2 business days after registration – Your child would be able to attend the following Wednesday. You will receive an email stating that your child’s enrollment has been approved with instructions on setting up your PIN# (check in/out code).
I am experiencing technical difficulty with the Parent Portal, is there another way to register my child?
Yes. You can contact Client Services in the corporate office for assistance (817) 923-9888.
If my child is/was enrolled in Clayton YES! summer camp, will I need to re-enroll him/her for the 2015-2016 school year?
Yes. Each child will need to be re-enrolled for the school year. This is a licensing requirement to insure that all of our information and records are kept up to date on your children.
When re-registering your child for a new school year, the Parent Portal will pre-populate all of your information and give you an opportunity to make changes.

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